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Tree Pollarding

Pollarding is the process of selectively cutting branches to improve a tree’s appearance or health. Glasgow Green Tree Surgeons are experts in pollarding, which provides many benefits for your home and garden.

Benefits of Pollarding

The benefits of pollarding include improved appearance and the health of the tree. It allows for better access to light, airflow and irrigation in a garden or home. Pollarding also helps prevent trees from becoming hazardous by preventing branches too low to the ground from becoming damaged during storms like high winds, heavy rain, snow, etc., from breaking off and causing damage below them before you have time to remove them.

When Is Pollarding Not Advised?

Pollarding should only be done on trees that are healthy and strong enough to survive the process. If you have a tree that is already struggling for some reason, pollarding could make it worse and cause further damage or even death.

The Process We Use For Pollarding

Glasgow Green Tree Surgeons are experts when it comes to pollarding! Our top priority is safety, so we will only ever prune back your tree just enough – no more than that!

There are two main types of pollarding; stub-and-lift, where just part of the trunk is removed (up to half) so that new 

branches can regrow from there, and whole head removal, where all growth above one metre will be cut off at once but allowed to grow back again in time. We use both methods depending on how much work needs doing as well as what type of tree you want us to look after.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is pollarding used today?

Pollarding is still an essential practice in the modern world today. It helps to save trees that are extremely old or diseased and makes them safe for people around them as well.

How often should you pollard?

Tree surgeons recommend pollarding your tree every three years – but this depends on how much growth there is each time we come back! Can’t wait until next year? We do offer emergency services if needed, so don’t hesitate to call us at any time of day.

When should pollarding be done?

We usually suggest going ahead with a six-monthly schedule starting in November, when plants have gone dormant and fewer insects are about, just before spring kicks off again in mid-March/April.

Does pollarding damage a tree?

No, it won’t damage the tree at all!

Can you pollard a mature tree?

Yes. We can even pollard larger trees for you if they require some love and attention to keep them looking great!

Does pollarding reduce root growth?

We believe that making your branches more accessible encourages new roots to grow from the base of your plants rather than growing tall towards sunlight; so, we think not… But this is something that should be discussed with us before any work begins, as there may be individual cases where access isn’t possible or practical. There is no evidence either way on whether removing leaves reduces photosynthesis. However, small amounts of leaves have little effect as they are so small, and we would never remove all the leaves from a tree.

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