Stump Removal and grinding

Stump removal and grinding is a popular choice for Glasgow homeowners looking to make their yard beautiful again. Landscaping can be expensive, but stump removal and grinding are one of the most affordable ways to get your desired look without breaking the bank! Glasgow Green Tree Surgeons has been in business for decades, providing reliable service at an affordable price.

What are stump removal and grinding?

Stump removal and grinding is the process of removing a tree stump from the yard, as well as making the surface smooth and suitable for planting new trees.

Benefits of stump removal and grinding

Stump removal is beneficial in that it makes the yards more accessible to visitors while also adding beauty to your landscape. Grinding stumps can make space for other plants or trees you might like to add-perfect if you’ve been thinking about landscaping!

When are stump removal and grinding not advised?

Although removing a tree’s trunk sounds simple enough (and is usually pretty helpful), some types of trees are better off left alone after they die off. For example, maples grow multiple trunks rather than one thick main trunk, so cutting down the dead centre will likely mean losing several branches. Oak trees and other deciduous trees with shallow root systems are likely to lose much of their roots when they’re fully removed, causing the tree to die off more quickly or even fall over completely (which could be dangerous for those nearby).

The process involved stump removal and grinding

When preparing for stump removal and grinding, the first thing we do is assess the size of the stump and determine how much grinding depth is required. Then, we remove a small amount of soil around the circumference to create space for equipment access (we use our heavy-duty stump grinder). Our team then removes all of the visible roots without damaging or breaking any tree trunks to reduce potential damage when operating equipment through this area. We then carefully start cutting into each side until we have cut deep enough to grind out most/all root material from within. Finally, we do a quick clean up before leaving the site with your new awesome looking surface!

Frequently asked questions


Is it better to grind a stump or remove it?

This question depends on the desired outcome of the project. If preserving a tree is your only concern, then removing it might be the better choice. However, if you are looking for a smooth surface that can support new plantings and/or grass seed, grinding provides an ideal result without damaging any surrounding trees or roots.

How long does it take for the ground to settle after stump grinding?

Depending on soil conditions and weather conditions, this process could take anywhere from two weeks to six months before settling completely occurs. There will always be some settling though, as with all grading work (i.e., digging etc.) done in landscape beds, so keep this in mind when planning planting around these areas!

Can the whole stump be removed?

Yes! We can remove the entire stump and grind it down to below ground level.

Can you also grind surface roots as well?

Yes! We have the equipment needed to extract all of these unwanted roots, which will allow for a clean planting area.

How deep do you grind a stump?

We typically grind until we can’t feel it anymore.

Can I plant a new tree in the previous location of the stump?

Yes, you may always replant in these locations, but we do recommend waiting at least three months to let the ground settle and allow for some root growth before any planting activity. This will ensure that your roots are not damaged during this settling process.

How much time is needed for stump grinding?

Depending on size, anywhere from one day to two weeks per site with multiple stumps being removed within a single job requires more than 30 days or so, depending on exact conditions. However, remember that there will be additional grading work following completion, which might take around another month before everything settles completely.

Can you grind a stump located on the sidewalk or near a wall?

We have no issues removing stumps from such areas–as long as there is enough room for one vehicle to access and provide us with operational space while performing service. Our technicians are extensively trained in this area, which makes cross-over areas no challenge at all. When they’re done, there will not be any trace that a stump was ever located in that space.

What does it cost to grind a stump?

On average, it costs between $125 and up to $300 depending on the size of the stump and the type of equipment used.

Do you offer discounts for multiple stump removals?

At first glance, you might assume that the price of removing a couple of stumps would be less than half, but in reality, it does not work this way. The fact is that there are significant hidden costs involved with multiple stump removals, which can include:

  • Additional man-hours required for equipment and personnel;
  • Travel time between sites;
  • Possibility of additional permitting requirements depending on where your site is located (e.g., some cities require a permit); and more…

In other words, while we do offer discounts when requested by new clients/customers, these are typically modest at best! This means our team will make every effort possible to keep it as reasonable as possible, even if it means prolonging the removal process.


Do you remove the debris from stump grinding?

Yes, we do. In addition to removing the stumps, our team will also chip and haul away/remove debris–all at no extra charge!

Am I left with a big hole when you're done?

We understand how this is important for landscaping purposes, so we do everything in our power to leave as small of an impact on your lawn as possible (this largely depends on where the stump was located). If it’s necessary to excavate more dirt or fill in different areas of concern upon completion of service, then that’ll be factored into the estimate accordingly.

Will there be any damage to my landscape?

Not necessarily–depending on which techniques are used during the removal process, but truthfully speaking, since we specialize in stump grinding, it won’t be a problem.

Can I use the mulch produced by stump grinding?

Of course! We’ll leave behind all of the soil and wood chips (including those that were previously on your lawn), so you can make full use of them if desired or needed.

How many years will it take for a stump to rot if you leave it in your yard?

There’s no way to know for sure. However, if you can’t stand looking at it and want the best results possible, we recommend having a professional come in and handle the business.